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Van Lingle Mungo


2021 BWP colt

Asterix EZ/Imothep/Pablo


Van Lingle Mungo is a light modern type with a beautiful canter and lovely expression.

He is named after the American baseball player, Van Lingle Mungo, whom I
originally met in Summerland, a novel by Michael Chabon wherein Ethan
Feld and the Traveling Shadowtails Baseball club defeat Coyote and save
the world.

In the playground that is all that remains of the Elysian Fields of Hoboken, NJ, the sole evidence of what happened at Diamond Green was the appearance, under the swings, of a yellowed Spalding baseball mysteriously signed by Van Lingle Mungo.”

If you google Van Lingle Mungo you'll find a very cool jazz tune of the same name.

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