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2018 BWP Mare



“Kara” is our highest scoring weanling to date with an 85 at her 2018 BWP keuring.  The judge noted, "very good front, expression head and neck, good rectangular frame, light long legs.  Very supple with light movement, WTC". She shows big powerful pretty movement, great conformation and has a keen mind. She will start her career in 2023 and is currently in foal to Bull Run’s Faustino.

She is named for a character in Battlestar Galactica.  Nicknamed
Starbuck, Kara Thrace is Galactica’s best fighter pilot; cocky as hell
and cool under pressure, she’s a cigar-smoking rebel.

“Pilots call me Starbuck. You can call me God" Kara Thrace

Notable Awards



BWP/NAD top 5 fillies


BWP/NAD top 5 yearlings

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