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2017 BWP Mare



Roslin is started under saddle and will start her career in 2022.  She gave us a lovely colt, Van Lingle Mungo in 2021.  She has a great mind and loves to learn new things. She shows lots of flash, style and athleticism with a very cool lightning bolt marking on her left knee. Her free jump is powerful, effortless and elastic.


She is named for the character President Laura Roslin in the TV series Battlestar Galactica. As the political leader of the only humans to escape Caprica after the Cylon attack, she is a quiet venerable leader who is tough as nails.

"We don't strike deals with terrorists. We can't. We give them Sharon Valerii, we're inviting terrorism and we weaken our position permanently, you know that. Gentlemen, everyone in that room is someone's son, someone's wife, someone's mother. Billy is the closest thing that I have to family left in this world. And if you don't think that that... confuses things emotionally for me- let's not be naive."

President Laura Roslin

Notable Awards



BWP/NAD top 5 fillies


BWP/NAD high score yearling class, Pomponio Ranch keuring


BWP/NAD high score 2 year old


Young Horse Show, high score free jump, 9.44

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