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2010 Oldenburg mare

Pablo/Landkoenig/Fuerst Gotthard


Pellagrina is our foundation mare for our foray into the BWP registry and focus on show jumpers.  She is a correct compact athlete with big movement and scope over fences.  She is quite elastic and rides like a big rubber ball.  She has produced very nice babies for us and is now owned by Heather Jantzen of Sovereign Farms and will produce some outstanding dressage horses for her.  

Pellagrina is named for the main character in Isak Dinesen’s The Dreamers.  In the story, Pellagrina Leoni is the most famous, beautiful opera singer in Italy until her career is cut short in a theater fire; that is where the story begins.

She was a Donna Quixotta de la Mancha.  The phenomena of life were not great enough for her; they were not in proportion with her own heart. She was like a man who has been given an elephant gun and is asked to shoot little birds. Or like a great bird, an albatross, asked to hop and twitter with the little birds in an aviary.”

Notable Awards



BWP/NAD awarded E-label


BWP/NAD top 5 colt, Oberon by Imothep


BWP/NAD top 5 filly, Roslin by Imothep

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