Trainer Stacy Steiner has devoted a lifetime to teaching riders, and training for hunters, jumpers, equitation, and dressage.  Stacy started teaching riders and training young horses for show ring to help pay for college, and has built a simple, solid, and trusted system for both since that beginning.

Students learn correct equitation basics and horsemanship; horses learn to trust their riders and both become balanced, coordinated and confident athletes.  Stacy’s goal with each horse and rider is to create an intrepid, thinking, empathetic partnership that together will accomplish all of their riding or competition goals.  

Stacy still maintains a successful career in technology as director of business development for a higher education software company.  She is a lifelong athlete and a huge sports fan; both have also helped shape her system for teaching riders and training horses.



The priority at Crall Family Farm is to provide a clean, safe facility designed and managed for every horse's well-being.  Horses are fed the highest quality Bermuda, alfalfa, and/or pelleted feed available 3x/day.  Reliable automatic waterers are maintained in each stall to provide unlimited, fresh water. The stalls are cleaned 3x/day and bedding/grindings are refreshed several times/week. 

Horses can see out of their stalls from all 4 sides.  Stalls are chosen for each horse to ensure compatibility with their neighbors.  All horses are turned out daily for at least 2 hours per day; on a schedule with the same buddies all included in monthly board.

Horses live in a beautiful block barn, two stories high, and incredibly well ventilated, making the summer temperature at least 10 degrees cooler in our hot summer months.  The 21 stalls are all 16x16 and most include a run. There are 3 cross-tie/grooming areas for grooming, tacking, and farriers and a large tack room. There are 2 cross-tie wash-racks at either end of the barn, one of them with hot water for winter bathing.  

The grounds include a large lighted arena, round pen, and 4 large paddocks for turnout. The footing consists of sand and wood chips and is maintained daily.  Riders also have access to quiet dirt roads and trails for hacking out.



"I’m always impressed at the research, time and commitment made to each of my children to capture their learning styles and to set them up for success.  Her goal is to make a successful pair of horse and rider - not just one or the other.

"Stacy built my knowledge and understanding of riding from the ground up. We started with the importance of impulsion, connection, bending, straightness, transitions, everything that I took for granted coming in. We designed courses and learned when to use different exercises and poles to accomplish different objectives. I learned how to lunge, how to haul, how to medicate. I have since moved on to hosting my horses at home, and I am forever grateful that I learned so much with Stacy."

"I shared just yesterday that Stac has taught me the foundations of good riding in an easy to understand way. She offers bite-sized morsels a rider can absorb, repeat, and turn into a solid good habit. I love how she thinks through who she has as a rider and fits the lesson to that person and horse."




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